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My name is Parshva Doshi, a creative thinker and graphic designer who loves design, beer, coffee, and dogs!

Hello. Namaste. Hi!

I'm a Creative Thinker and Designer based in Mumbai, specializing in projects involving Branding, Packaging, Social Media Campaigns, T-Shirt Designs, Print Designs, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D Projects.

Working closely with clients to define the best approach in partnership. Depending on the project needs, I also collaborate with my network of talented creatives to offer a holistic experience.

In the past, I've worked with AutumnWinter Communications & Design for two years until 2019.

I've been an independent designer for a year now.

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About Me

So what does my logo mean

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The icon forms a 'D', the first letter of DesignBrewer & my last name too; Doshi

It also forms a 'P' the first letter of my name.

But most importantly, it is a question mark. Signifying, What's next? What is the next new thing I'm going to learn? How can I get better? How can I add more value?

Where is my coffee? Where is my beer? And so on. ;)


I love taking up new challenges and meeting new people.  Let's create something together?



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